How to Get Out of an Unhealthy Relationship

Why Do People Stay In Dad And Unhealthy Relationships?



Are you wondering why you are afraid of your husband?

Do you feel that your fear is irrational?

Are you in an unhealthy relationship?

unhealthy relationship

You are in an unhealthy relationship once your husband is trying to change your life forcefully.

Most women do not have the courage to admit they are in an unhealthy relationship because they constantly remind themselves that their husbands are kind and loving.

Abused women fear their husbands and their actions are always based on their husbands’ commands. They seek their husbands’ opinion first before making even small decisions. Most women tend to act illogically just to please their husbands. Some women, after marriage, tend to keep themselves away from their friends and relatives. Most women who are abuse have low self-confidence, and have an inability to decide for themselves. You are having an unhealthy relationship with your husband when you are experiencing this.

You might think that you have a need to exert an effort in order to gain respect from your husband when you are in this situation. However, things only worsen every time you try to make a solution for your unhealthy relationship.  You and your husband’s personality differences cause more pain and fear, than you had expected. If you are a fun and dynamic person then you are not expected to be in an unhealthy relationship.

There is one question you need to ask yourself. Breaking free in this bondage is hard so you must have courage to do so? It is really heard to implement your ideas to your husband if he has a different one. It is sometimes hard to save unhealthy relationship. It would always end up into break up. You should tolerate situations like this because it stops you from your own happiness.

You’ll never know what your husband is capable of until he does it to you. You’ll never know when it gets worse and it might even be too late for you to recover. If you still hope and tolerate it, the higher the risk of death. This happens whenever there is physical abuse in a relationship. It will be easier for you to quit a relationship if it is already complicated. Breaking up is really a hard thing to do when you try to insist staying in an unhealthy relationship. It is a now or never situation.

Try to look at the brighter side. If you decide to break up it will help you pursue your dreams. You are saving yourself from the worse thing that can happen. Eventually you will find yourself trapped in an unhealthy relationship and it will be harder for you to decide.

The process of breaking up is not easy but it can heal with time. You must have enough courage to do this. You can ask some relatives or close friends to guide you while you heal your wounds.

There will be some people who can help you with your problem. In order for you to cope with your bad situation, it is necessary that you seek a professional help.


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