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Conflict seems to be the very stuff of life, bringing up all the most difficult emotions – anger, mistrust, resentment, loneliness – and the saddest outcomes. It makes us sad, depressed, but also unhealthy.

You will never know what you can do without challenge and opposition. You will never develop new skills if sheer necessity does not force you to do so. In short, without conflict, you will never grow. When you engage others in positive conflict, you are telling them that he/she is important enough for you to… Read Article →

Conflict is a part of most every interpersonal relationship. Managing conflict, then, is important if the relationship is to be long-lasting and rewarding. Learning how to manage conflict involves being able to identify the steps in any escalating confrontation, and being able to stop the escalation and do emotional repair by reinforcing the positive aspects… Read Article →

I’m sure you have had a situation where a simple argument quickly became a full blown, take no prisoners conflicts. We all have gone through this pain at a moment in our life. And most of the time we can still feel the pain today, long after we forgot why we started it in the first place.

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