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Are you wondering why you are afraid of your husband? Do you feel that your fear is irrational? Are you in an unhealthy relationship? You are in an unhealthy relationship once your husband is trying to change your life forcefully. Most women do not have the courage to admit they are in an unhealthy relationship because they constantly remind themselves that their husbands are kind and loving.

Horoscopes can tell you about the compatibility between you and your partner. It shows you only the good things about your future. You might regret the decision that you make if you easily believe on it. This makes it hard for you to get out from it.

At some point you get tired of the daily insults you and your husband throw on each other. Soon, either of you decides to end the relationship. Marriage life is not always a happy ending. There will always be fights due to differences in the attitude or personality and selfishness or lack of affection from each other. Love stories in the movies are usually the opposite in reality.

Is your husband preventing you from meeting your friends and family? On your first few weeks of marriage, you would most likely think that your husband’s jealousy problems are natural and you keep pursuing your relationship thinking that both of you will learn to love and accept your current situation. However, as time passes by… Read Article →

Experiences of abuse should not be a hindrance to our own happiness. This should not be the reason for the continuous pain in our lives. If there are bad things that happen to us, it does not mean that we should be miserable in our entire lives. There is always a reason why things happen and that makes us stronger, wiser and better individuals.

If you are in an emotionally abusive relationship  for a long time, you may loose your ‘inner compass’ and can become convinced that you are worthless, and that is all your fault, and  you feel like you have nowhere else to go. Try to honestly answer this questions to yourself: Is your ultimate fear to… Read Article →

I’m sure you have had a situation where a simple argument quickly became a full blown, take no prisoners conflicts. We all have gone through this pain at a moment in our life. And most of the time we can still feel the pain today, long after we forgot why we started it in the first place.

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